A well-photoshopped Apple ad has been boasting that iOS 7 will make your iPhone waterproof, and people.. stupid people learned the hard way that software and hardware are two VERY different things. The fake advert claimed that: UPDATE TO IOS 7 AND BECOME WATERPROOF. IN AN EMERGENCY, A SMART-SWITCH WILL SHUT OFF THE PHONE’S POWER […]

Gone are the days of the reasonably obsessed fans of genuinely talented singers, you know the ones who actually write their own music? Ones who actually merit the title of ‘artist’. Now we have Justin Bieber & One Direction, singers who rely on highly paid behind the scenes writers to come up with a typical […]

The comedian Nathan Fielder took to Twitter to announce a new prank. He asked his followers to text their partners a vague message, and then told them to wait, no phone calls, no response texts – in other words, complete radio silence. Lets just say, some people didn’t get that good a response from there significant other.. […]

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is scheduled to make his return trip to Earth late Monday after five months aboard the International Space Station, and he decided to commemorate his final hours in space with a spectacular music video. Hadfield covers David Bowie’s classic (and incredibly appropriate) song “Space Oddity.” In the video, he sings a “revised […]

‘After a girl has been subjected to bullying from Bieber fans for an innocent tweet, shouldn’t the singer speak out against his fans’ behaviour online?’ Having read this and believe ever word of it i thought i would quote parts of the letter, however i think the whole damn thing is 100% true so i […]

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So I woke up this morning and went into my usual routine of checking Facebook & Twitter with a fresh cup of Coffee and then came across what can only be described as the loss of humanity’s common sense. Two trending topics on Twitter read: #BeliebersHatePaparazzi and #StayStrongKidrauhl – unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me […]

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Anger has gripped the internet recently as to the abuse Twitter Trolls dish out to those who have lost loved ones. In this case it was Gary Barlow being abused by ex-Big Brother contestent Kenneth Tong (@MrKennethTong). Gary Barlow recently lost his stillborn daughter Poppy, which led to thousands of fans sending thei condolences to Gary via […]

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So just a few days ago Samantha Brick became one of the most hated women in the world, for here arrogant and narcissistic personality. Now her French mustachio husband has arrive on the scene and is ready to “intervene violently”.. He says.. “Samantha is beautiful in every sense of the word. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever […]