HMS Queen Elizabeth took to the waves yesterday at the Scottish Dockyard Clyde. The aircraft carrier is the biggest warship the Royal Navy has ever constructed and will most definitely expand on the nations global maritime influence.  Earlier this month Her Majesty The Queen officially named the vessel. 


Today Her Majesty The Queen will officially name the Royal Navy’s largest ever warship after smashing a bottle of Whiskey against the ships hull. HMS Queen Elizabeth weights 65,000 tonnes and can carry 40 jets and helicopters at a time. It will have a permanent crew of almost 700 when it enters service in 2020. Six shipyards […]


The Queen’s new Diamond Jubilee State Coach will be used for the first time today at the State Opening of Parliament, it is only the second new Royal Carriage to be built in a century. What makes this one so special however is that it contains relics of key moments and incidents from more than […]


In February 1845, Queen Victoria wrote to the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel, about the ‘urgent necessity of doing something about Buckingham Palace’. The first monarch to occupy the Palace, she found the building wholly inadequate and required proper accommodation for her growing family, more space for official entertaining and improved offices for the staff […]

Kate Middleton has given birth to a healthy baby boy who will now be third in line to to the throne of the United Kingdom. An overjoyed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the proud parents of a healthy baby boy, and the nation celebrates the birth of a future king. The couple’s son weighed 8lb […]

My blog post The True Cost Of The Royal Family Explained appears to be getting a lot of attention today, probably because of the news of Kate Middleton going into labour. So i thought i would reiterate an important point in that blog post and generally something that is quite interesting, the cost of the British Royal Family in comparison […]

Back in April of this year i wrote about the Royal Families new financial arrangements and the history of how our Monarch’s have been funded in the past (please see here: http://relentlesslife.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/the-queens-new-financial-arrangement-why-she-is-worth-every-penny-of-it/). However today it has been reported that the ‘Royal budget’ shall we call it will increase by 5% next year, up from £36.1 million this […]

Standing near the front of the crowd, I and another 59,000 concertgoers awaited the arrival of Green Day. All of a sudden Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody blasted from the stereo speakers on the stage. This video shot from the upper deck captures the crowd’s enthusiastic sing-along of the 1975 hit. The highlight is at around 2:00 […]

Some of you may remember that late last week there was a bit of an up roar about President Barrack Obama getting an on duty US Marine to stand beside him with an Umbrella and shield him from rain at a Press Conference. Various people saw this as a misuse and lack of respect for […]

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The State Opening of Parliament has been a tradition which dates back as far as the 16th Century, today the Queen unveiled 20 Bills which the coalition hopes to pass into law in the next year. Prince Charles attended for the first time in 17 years with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. It comes as the […]