Relentless4Life, About Us!

Relentless4Life began in May of 2011, inspired by various other Blogs, most notably Tinie Tempah’s very own Blog ‘Milk&2Sugars’. Relentless4Life has slowly grown over the months to become an over 200,000 strong viewing! With more recent expansion into the field of YouTube as well as various other forms of media such as Twitter & Facebook, Relentless4Life has been able to draw in more and more viewers from all around.

Relentless4Life aims to provide the latest music releases from our favorite artists such as Tinie Tempah, Labrinth & Rihanna as well as supporting upcoming acts which we believe will make a big impact on the scene! We also bring the latest news on new movie releases, providing exclusive news on great films such as ‘The Hobbit’ & ‘The Avengers’. We also like to keep viewers up to date on the latest gadgets, mainly Apple products, providing news and comparisons to give you the best reviews.

For more information or if you wish us to dedicate a post to a specific artist, film or product please email us at :

The Relentless4Life Team is as follows:

The Official Author & Creator Conor James Silk!/CJSilk

BM Design, our design guy Ben May

For any inquiries as to how to get a story rolling whether it be advertising a product or promoting a company venture please contact me at the following :

Relentless4Life Official Facebook :

Relentless4Life Official Twitter :

Relentless4Life Official YouTube :

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  1. where is the steam loco princess elizabeth stored

  2. Conor, Graham is your father….


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