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The Clothing Range designed and worn by Tinie Tempah and distributed via his Record Label Disturbing London is finally available! As some of you may have noticed, there is always a Disturbing London Logo present in the sidebar which links you directly to their store. So i thought i would put together this page to discuss the origins of the brand and how you can support Tinie Tempah & Disturbing London by purchasing there clothes.

Having only been available for a few months Disturbing London as managed to provide fans with various different designs, the most famous being the logo itself, along with the Milk & 2 Sugars logo. The Milk & 2 Sugars logo originates from Tinie Tempah’s very own Blog which he began before he was signed to the Record Label EMI. From the Blog he would provide followers with behind the scenes footage of the latest acts on the UK Grime Scene. The name was itself originated from his love of tea and just how he liked it! Disturbing London was a joint venture along with his Cousin Dumi who also acts as Tinie’s Manager. Together they formed the company and the brand has grown since.

I myself have purchased Disturbing London T-Shirts and they are mighty fine! There are various styles and looks to go for and the store is constantly being updated with new products. As of recently Hoodies have been added as a possible purchase for fans as well as Tinie Tempah’s very first Auto-Biography ‘My Story So Far’ being made available on the website.

Coming this Spring will Disturbing London & MHI’s new collection, which mixes MHI quality products with Disturbing London’s awesome sense of style. The collection includes, t-shirts, shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, vests & even jackets. Prices are fairly steep on this one, but there worth a look, link provided below!

“Disturbing London, the home of UK phenomenon Tinie Tempah, has enjoyed an incredible few years, having conquered both the single and album charts. Now the label is ‘branching out’ to the fashion industry with their clothing range, including the new DL x MHI collection.”


Now meet the team, this was a new photoshoot taken for the above line of clothing, new to Disturbing London. Each artist has their own unique style which makes DL all the better for a record company as it is far more diverse.

Music superstar and certified style icon, Tinie Tempah, paid Selfridges London a visit today to celebrate the exclusive launch of his new clothing label, Disturbing London. We caught up with him to talk about his first foray into fashion, the pressures of being GQ’s best-dressed man of 2012 and why Britain is the best place in the world for fashion.Read the interview: ttp://bit.ly/IytURA.Shop Tinie’s Disturbing London collection now: http://bit.ly/ILzvSH

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Disturbing London – Nike Cooperation – Nike Blazers

The latest news from the Disturbing London HQ is that they are branching out yet further and have cooperated with Nike to create their very own ‘Disturbing London Nike Blazers’ and they look brilliant! Check out the photos below!


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