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I am Architecture/Art/Photography student from London having studied Graphic Art and Media at Sixth Form and Completing a Art & Design Foundation Diploma at Ravensbourne and am now studying Interior Architecture at University of Brighton. I took up photography at GCSE Level as an extra subject along with my A levels, after purchasing a Nikon D3100 I got really into Photography and incorporated a lot of photography into my Graphics Work to use the skills I learnt from and carrying them on at a higher level. Having my own camera has enabled me to start some of my own side projects and carry on as a hobby now fully into my studies I have varied my range from such a low basic camera by purchasing two lenses a 70-300mm and a 50mm Prime to get the perfect shots I want from this I have expanded my capabilities, Any designing work you need I can advise or carry out just contact me on my Twitter: @BMBM8

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Light – The most valuable ingredient for almost everything an contextual study I wrote about light.

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Official Relentless 4 Life work..

On 31st May me and BM Design discussed the potential of having a brand new banner to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. The theme being, Royalty, the event itself and Great Britain. And well as you can see BM delivered. Here is the amazing banner that we have to celebrate 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign!

Come July 27th Great Britain will play host to the 2012 Olympics, and what a show we are going to put on! Think it is right to say that this is Great Britain’s year, we have been on the international stage for much of it, firstly with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and now the London Olympics! As usual our awesome designed BM Design got to work on a brand spanking new banner to get into festivities, and it looks ruddy brilliant!

To celebrate Danny Boyle’s spectacular production for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony BM Design re vamped the above design and created the below. With added celebration and cheer to it. We then have 2 other banners which will alternate between the weeks of the Olympics. Hope you enjoyed the ceremony, i certainly did. Welcome to London.

The BMDesign Project: Relentless4Life Banner Re-work

Currently BMDesign is working on an all new look banner for Relentless4Life, this will incorporate our love for London and everything British as a whole. This will be BMDesign’s biggest project with us thus far and so to keep up to date with all his designs and the progress of the new one please do check back here. In the meantime this banner below will fill the mantelpiece!

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