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 Ewan Morrison is an award-winning Scottish author and screenwriter. Four months ago I joined the Yes camp out of a desire to take part in the great debate that the Yes camp told me was taking place within their ranks. Being a doubter I thought maybe I’d failed to find this…

Scottish Referendum Yes Campaign Headquarters

Tomorrow is voting day for Scotland in what is undoubtedly the most important question to fall upon the nation in 300 years. Should Scotland be an independent nation? Over the last couple of weeks the debate has certainly heated up and not in a good way, intimidation by yes campaigners appears to be running rampant, […]


The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara.


In just 10 days people across Scotland will put pen to ballot paper in what is undoubtedly the most important question for the country in 300 years. A yes vote for independence could give Scotland the opportunity to create a fairer society, but at a potentially huge economical cost. A no vote could be the […]


When you think of a vacation in Germany you don’t imagine palm tree’s and sunny beaches, but now you may just have to. The Tropical Islands resort pictured below is housed within the largest free-standing hall in the world near Berlin in Germany. The space inside measures around 66,000 square metres and is so tall […]


The Illustrated London News published intricate artwork on its front covers for more than 160 years, this included historic moments in British history such as royal ceremonies and the Great War – boasting as many as 300,000 readers. The works were by famous artists such as Terence Cuneo, Fortunino Matania and Bryan de Grineau.


Its something we see in sci-fi movies like Judge Dredd and Star Wars, megacities with towering, multi-purpose skyscrapers. This could however soon become a reality. Entitled the ‘Endless City’ project it would see a giant 300m skyscraper built in London with its own complete ecosystem. The building would consist of intertwining ramps leading through business, […]